Looking for an extended auto warranty for a used BMW?

Has your BMW extended auto warranty expired?

A service contract from National Repair Solutions can protect your BMW after the factory warranty or BMW extended warranty expires. Whether your BMW warranty or extended warranty has already expired or is still in effect, we offer many great plans for both new and used BMW vehicles. Whether you still have some warranty remaining on your BMW or you have an aftermarket BMW extended warranty, the sooner you secure your new coverage, the less you will end up paying. Our knowledgable contract adjusters can help you find the best level of coverage available for your BMW.


Your BMW is an exceptional vehicle with exceptionally high repair costs.

Can I buy coverage for my BMW through National Repair Solutions?

The answer is, "Yes!" Although, we are not affiliated with the BMW Manufacturer, we still offer extended service contracts for most BMW vehicles on the road today. If your BMW warranty has expired, or your BMW extended warranty is getting ready to expire, then give us a call.

BMW Extended Repair Plans

BMW New Car Coverage

The Exclusionary, or "New Car" plans covers all repairs except the items listed as exclusions in the beginning of the contract. This is very similar to the original BMW "bumper-to-bumper" warranty provided by the manufacturer.  The exclusions with this type of plan are minimal and mainly consists of routine maintenance and "wear & tear" items, such as upholstery and windshield wiper blades. This is the highest level of coverage available, just like when the vehicle is under its original manufacturer warranty. This type of plan is properly called "Exclusionary" because rather than state the thousands of components which are covered, it simply states the handful of excluded components. All plans include roadside assistance, rental benefits and more!

BMW Comprehensive Coverage

This is the best option for vehicles that are still newer, but no longer qualify for Exclusionary coverage. This is for vehicles which are no longer new and is similar to most aftermarket BMW extended warranties. These policies cover most of the same components as Exclusionary policies, but not as many "bells & whistles," so to speak. For example, Comprehensive still covers important components such as brakes and suspension, but may not include things such as a navigation or stereo system which a warranty on a brand new BMW may cover.

BMW Enhanced Powertrain Coverage

This coverage is similar to most aftermarket BMW extended warranties offered to vehicles with higher miles. This covers all the major mechanical items, as well as the A/C and electrical components.

BMW Powertrain Coverage

This is the most basic level of coverage, similar to the BMW drivetrain warranty program, covering only big-ticket items, such as the engine and transmission. Basic Powertrain plans are best for people looking to get the most out of older vehicles with higher mileage. 

Why is National Repair Solutions the best place to cover my BMW?

No-Hassle Claims Services

All plans backed by AM Best "A" rated insurance companies.

All plans include a full 30-Day, Price-Match, Money-Back Guarantee

Accepted at any dealership or ASE-certified mechanic nationwide.

All plans include full 24-hour roadside assistance and rental benefits.

All plans have "A" ratings with the Better Business Bureau.