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When your Ford F-150's factory warranty expires or your Ford F-150's extended factory warranty expires, Ford F-150 owners and Ford dealerships contact National Repair Solutions. We specialized in Ford F-150 to protect them outside of their expired factory warranty or extended warranty expires, so you don't get stuck paying a huge repair bill at the Ford dealership. Our third party vehicle service contracts are not part of the Ford factorty warranty extension, but can provide just as good of protection for your Ford F-150 when the warranty expires. People also referred to these plans as a F-150 warranty, vehicle waranty, Ford F-150 extended auto warranty, Ford extended warranty, or a F-150 repair protection plan. Call us today for our low Ford rates today!

Ford F-150 Repair Costs


Even the best selling trucks in American the Ford F-150 can and will still break down over time. Research shows that as the Ford F-150 gets older and gets more mileage on it, the chances of it breaking down goes up. When those repairs come, will you be able to afford them? The F-150 do have common problems over the year with their engines. Those repairs can cost between $3,000 to $7,000 (depending on the engine and problem). The Ford F-150 factory warranty is only for a limited time as well as the extended Ford F-150 extended the warranty. When the coverages run out our third party administrators can provide as good of coverage as the factory Ford F-150 warranty that comes with the truck (depending on the age and mileage). F-150 trucks are good trucks but require a lot of maintenance and up keeping to keep them running. With national labor rates over $100 an hour, one window motor will cost well over $300. If the F-150 have 3 repairs in one year the chance of one of those repairs being over $1,000 or greater. Contact one of our specialists today to see how we can cover your Ford F-150 an additional 100,000 miles on top of the odometer reading now! The longer you wait for the more chance of the check engine light coming on.





Common Repair Costs on F-150


  • Spark Plug Replacement $64 - 738

  • Heater Core Replacement $174 - 1,276

  • Fuel Pump Replacement $319 - 1,313

  • Head Gasket(s) Replacement $623 - 3,473

  • Ball Joint Replacement - Lower $155 - 1,022

Top Problems on the F-150


  • Ignition Coil Failure Due to Excessive Spark Plug Gap

  • Oil May Leak Onto Starter From Passenger-Side Head Gasket

  • TSB For Possible Ejection of Spark Plug From Cylinder Head

  • Engine Oil Pan Gasket May Leak

  • Engine Runs Rough at Idle

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 Why buy an extended vehicle service contract for your F-150?


Nowadays, it’s safe to say that most Americans are on a budget. Sometimes, we can’t even pay all of our bills, and often when we do, there’s not much leftover until the next payday. However, the one bill that always gets paid first is our car payment. If we can’t watch HBO, we can still drive to work. With that being said, nobody wants to spend money on their Ford F-150 when they don’t have to. Most folks just cross their fingers and hope their Ford F-150 never breaks down because they know they just can’t afford to get it fixed. Ignorance is bliss until the day it starts up funny. After all, most places charge around $100 for a diagnostic fee just to see what’s wrong with it. They also charge about $100 per hour for labor. After eight hours of labor, the bill is already approaching $1,000 and they haven’t even factored in the parts, fluids, or taxes yet at the Ford dealer.


In this situation, most folks assume their best option is to trade their Ford F-150, which means spending thousands on a newer Ford F-150, plus interest for a new vehicle which can still have problems. Others assume they’ll either fix it themselves or get their mechanic friend to fix it for cheap. The problem is: when you open the hood of a newer Ford F-150, all you see are wires and electronics. Your friend is no longer called a mechanic, but a technician who is constantly being re-trained to fix new issues that older Ford F-150 didn’t have. Parts are no longer wrenched on in a garage but replaced due to their complexity. Even brand-new Ford F-150 see repairs because they’re made with cheaper plastic and aluminum parts, which can take hours to get to while the bill keeps rising.


Unfortunately, some folks still think as long as they change the oil on their Ford F-150, it will never break, just like Grandpa’s old Ford F-150 with over 300,000 miles. However, they just don’t make them like they used to, and oil changes don’t protect the thousands of components most likely to see repair work, especially on these newer Ford F-150.


You wouldn’t even think about buying a brand-new Ford F-150 if it didn’t come with a factory warranty, so it doesn't make sense to go without coverage on your Ford F-150 as it gets older. If the engineers who built it no longer have faith in it, why should you?


We offer payment options to fit most budgets. Our administrative partners have paid over $1 Billion in claims, and they have A+ ratings with the Better Business Bureau, so you know you're not dealing with some shady company. Plus, every policy includes a standard 30-day money back guarantee. We’re that confident. For details, call us, and guarantee yourself the best deal. Keep in mind: we offer different levels of coverage, and the longer you wait, the less your vehicle may qualify for. 

Disclaimer: National Repair Solutions offers Extended Motor Vehicle Service Contracts, or Vehicle Service Contracts. Vehicle Service Contracts are not called Warranties because a Warranty is only something that the manufacturer of a product can offer. Although Dealerships offer Vehicle Service Contracts as "Extended Warranties," they are not legally Warranties because they are with administrators who are not the manufacturers. National Repair Soultions does not use any of the following terminioogy when describing a program with any customers. The words "Warranty, Extended Auto Warranty, or Auto Warranty" should only be used when you are referring to the vehicle's original factory warranty. Third party or aftermarket vehicle service contracts (like National Repair Solutions policies) are not through any vehicle manufacturer. People who search online commonly search for the terms, "expired F-150 Ford bumper to bumper warranty, expired F-150 Ford extended auto warranty,  expired F-150 Ford used car warranty,  expired F-150 Ford truck extended auto warranty, expired F-150 Ford  luxury warranty, expired F-150 Ford premium warranty, F-150 Ford dealership warranty, F-150 Ford extended factory warranty, F-150 Ford online extended auto warranty,F-150 Ford high mileage warranty, F-150 Ford repair insurance, F-150 Ford vehicle protection service plans, F-150 Ford vehicle protection plans,F-150 Ford best extended warranty online, F-150 Ford mechanical break down plans, F-150 Ford car repair coverage, F-150 Ford  vehicle repair coverage, or F-150 Ford​ truck repair coverage." These phrases are not the correct terminalogy to refer to a third party, or aftermarket, vehicle service contract. Please contact one of our coverage specialists if you have any questions.