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Bubble Soccer, is the newest sport for all ages! Bubble Soccer is played with giant inflatable bubbles worn by each player. Bubble ball or bubble soccer can be played indoors or in a soft and clear outdoor space. At Impact Zone, bubble soccer is played in a 42 x 42 foot indoor gym space. Bubble soccer is a fun, full-contact sport for all skill levels!

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Originally named Bubble Bump Football, bubble soccer originated in Norway. After growing in popularity and making some tv appearances, bubble ball came to the US. Now you can enjoy bubble soccer right here in O'Fallon, MO at the Impact Zone! 

A bubble soccer match is typically two teams, each having six players (4 males, 2 females). At Impact Zone, our bubble ball games are 4 six minute periods with a two minute break between each quarter. There is a minimum of 4 bubble soccer players on the field at all times, and a maximum of 6. There cannot be more than 4 males in play for a given team during the bubble soccer match. Each team has 2 time-outs per bubble ball game. 

Bubble soccer scoring: each team will be awarded a point for getting the soccer ball into their goal. There are no goal keepers in bubble soccer. Bubble soccer games begin when the ball is placed in the center of the bubble soccer designated playing field. Players in their bubbles line up along their goal line and run to the ball after the whistle blows. If the ball lands inside of a bubble at any point during a bubble soccer match the game will stop so the ball can be retrieved and there will be a ball drop. A bubble soccer ball drop requires one player from each team to stand 5 yards away from the ball, charging to gain possession as the ball is dropped by the referee.

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