Our Contracts

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*Coverage options vary depending on the vehicle and location. We will always qualify you for the best level of coverage available.

Exclusionary Coverage

This is the highest level of coverage available, just like when the vehicle is under its original manufacturer's coverage. This is called Exclusionary because rather than state the thousands of components which are covered, it simply states the handful of excluded components which are not covered. The only excluded items are generally wear-and-tear components and routine maintenance.

Comprehensive Coverage

This is the best option for vehicles that are still newer, but no longer qualify for Exclusionary coverage. These policies cover most of the same components as Exclusionary policies, but not as many "bells & whistles," so to speak. For example, Comprehensive still covers important components such as brakes and suspension, but may not include things such as a navigation or stereo system which an Exclusionary plan may cover.

Enhanced Powertrain Coverage

This coverage is generally for vehicles which are starting to become higher in age or mileage. This covers all the major mechanical items, as well as the A/C and electrical components.

Basic Powertrain Plus Coverage

This covers all the major mechanical items, as well as a few of the major A/C and electrical components.

Basic Powertrain Coverage

This is the most basic level of coverage, covering only major items, such as the engine and transmission. Basic Powertrain does not cover any electronic items.

Disclaimer: National Repair Solutions offers Extended Motor Vehicle Service Contracts, or Vehicle Service Contracts. Vehicle Service Contracts are not called Warranties because a Warranty is only something that the manufacturer of a product can offer. Although Dealerships offer Vehicle Service Contracts as "Extended Warranties," they are not legally Warranties because they are with administrators who are not the manufacturers. National Repair Soultions does not use any of the following terminioogy when describing a program with any customers. The words "Warranty, Extended Auto Warranty, or Auto Warranty" should only be used when you are referring to the vehicle's original factory warranty. Third party or aftermarket vehicle service contracts (like National Repair Solutions policies) are not through any vehicle manufacturer. People who search online commonly search for the terms, "expired bumper to bumper warranty, expired extended auto warranty,  expired used car warranty,  expired truck extended auto warranty, expired luxury warranty, expired premium warranty, dealership warranty, extended factory warranty, online extended auto warranty, high mileage warranty, repair insurance, vehicle protection service plans, vehicle protection plans, best extended warranty online, mechanical break down plans, repair coverage, vehicle repair coverage, or truck repair coverage." These phrases are not the correct terminalogy to refer to a third party, or aftermarket, vehicle service contract. Please contact one of our coverage specialists if you have any questions.